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February 28, 2011

My husband and I initially didn't think we could afford a doula, but our midwife begged us to reconsider. We're both glad we did. As first-time parents, we benefitted from Jacqueline's knowledge and compassionate nature. I would strongly encourage anybody looking for a doula to hire her. She is caring, wise, and patient.

I went into labor on January 28th. My husband had gone into work because I didn't recognize the first signs of labor that morning; I assumed I was just having a bad morning. I called Jacqueline before contacting my husband or our midwife because I was unsure about what I was experiencing. She urged me to call my husband, and within a couple hours she came over herself to check in on me. I really doubted I was in labor yet, but Jacqueline didn't mind checking in on me. It's a good thing I called her because it turned out that I was progressing through labor pretty quickly.

Throughout the labor Jacqueline performed various tasks to help us: she made lunch for me, massaged my back, boiled water for our birthing tub, said prayers, suggested different positions and continuously encouraged me to stay with it. Her loving support was valuable to both my husband and me, since neither of us was prepared for such an intense, fast labor. I can't imagine having had such a successful labor and delivery without Jacqueline's constant help.

Jacqueline's help extended beyond the eight-hour labor and delivery. She stayed several hours after our daughter's birth, taking pictures, holding her when needed, and coaching me about how to breastfeed her. Over the next couple weeks Jacqueline frequently called or stopped by to check in on me. Days later, when I was still having trouble nursing my daughter, she took time out of her busy day to show me some other positions to try to get her to latch on better. She also came by on short notice for some postpartum help. She cooked, cleaned, and cared for our daughter to give my husband and me a much needed break.

Our little family is indebted to Jacqueline for her service. As I said at the outset, if you are considering hiring a doula you will be pleased with Jacqueline Norris.

Loisann O.
Chandler, AZ

October 8, 2010

We employed Jacqueline Norris as a Post Partum Doula following the birth of our son. Jacqueline provided superb care for our newborn son, Alexander. We feel extremely fortunate to have had Jacqueline in our lives during such an important time for our family. Jacqueline was absolutely wonderful with Alexander – very caring and loving and highly competent. I was thrilled with the care provided by Jacqueline. In addition to looking after Alexander beautifully, she was incredibly supportive of the rest of our family. Our twenty two month old son, Henry, adored her and my husband and I valued her excellent advice. Jacqueline's excellent care was also instrumental to my successful breastfeeding.

I believe that one of the greatest gifts one can receive following the birth of a baby is post partum doula care. Jacqueline's support enabled us, as a family, to enjoy every moment with our new baby. Jacqueline's excellent care of Alexander during the night enabled me to get some rest (Jacqueline cared for Alexander for the majority of nights over a two month period.) In the mornings, Jacqueline would help with Henry. She is as wonderful with toddlers as she is with newborns.

We were thrilled to have found Jacqueline and would wholeheartedly recommend her to other families. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding our employment of Jacqueline.


Nancy M.
Paradise Valley, AZ
(Please send us a message if you'd like to contact Nancy directly.)

July 6, 2010

Labor and Delivery
Jacqueline Norris was an incredible blessing during the delivery of our son, Christian Taylor. She came right after we called her, and helped in any and every way that she could. During the labor she was not only a physical support, but a strong spiritual and emotional support as well. From using pressure points to ease the pain and intensity of contractions, to blessing us with Scripture verses to ease my mind, we were blessed immensely by her presence.

Post-Partum Doula
As a post-partum doula Jacqueline was so very helpful in the adjustment to new motherhood. It was a hard period learning how to do housework and care for a newborn, and Jacqueline's help was truly a blessing. It was sweet to hear her singing softly and speaking so lovingly to our new little son, and I felt so good about him being in the care of someone as loving and sweet as Jacqueline. She was willing to help in any way that she could, and she did just that, from holding Christian while I did chores around the house, to helping with housework, and most importantly being a listening ear to a new mom who hadn't gotten out very much! In every way that Jacqueline helped us it was more than we could ask for and I would recommend her to everyone.

Tamara H.
Gilbert, AZ

May 15, 2010

Jacqueline Norris provided our family with postpartum support after the caesarean birth of our second child. She watched our oldest son while I was giving birth. Jacqueline was extremely helpful and made the experience more pleasant. She has a wonderful calming spirit and was willing to assist me with whatever I needed help with. She was very encouraging to me emotionally and aided me with my physical needs as I was in the hospital. Jacqueline helped me with getting around, bathing, dressing, breastfeeding support, etc... She also was excellent in caring for the baby. She was glad to hold, change, and care for him. Jacqueline was a blessing to me and our family. I would highly recommend her for any doula services one would need her to provide.

Kelly B.
Mesa, AZ