About Jacqueline

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I am awed at the miracle and wonder of pregnancy and birth. I love babies and enjoy watching and nurturing the growing relationship between parents and their baby. This can begin in pregnancy when a woman is supported and encouraged that the baby inside her is aware of her, sensing her emotions and listening to her and her partner's voices.

Norris-family-2015-12-rs.jpgCurrently living in Mesa, Arizona with my husband, I am happy to support families throughout the east valley. All of my four children were born while living overseas, two in the hospital, two at home. Like all women, I will always carry the memory of my birth experience with each of them. I want women to be supported in this important time they will always remember, wherever and however they choose to give birth. I am awed at the design of the human body to give birth naturally. When properly supported birth can be both a joyful and empowering experience. I believe this is significant for the joys and challenges that lay ahead in parenting.

While I believe in a woman's ability to give birth naturally, I believe it is empowering for a woman to be supported in her choices. As a doula I will respect and honor your choices and decisions for the birth of your baby. I will provide you with information based on reliable, accurate evidence to help prepare you to make informed choices that are best for you, your baby and your family.

In addition to being trained as a Birth Doula through both DONA and Nurturing Hearts Birth Services I am passionate about continuing to educate myself in how to best assist women in the birth of their children.

As a mother of four and through my experience working with babies and their families, I am eager to pass on information and care to new families. As a DONA certified Postpartum Doula (PCD) I want parents to have the best possible start with their precious little ones. I enjoy nurturing families during the postpartum period and seeing parents grow in confidence as they are able to rest and bond with their baby.

I graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Human Development and a B.A. in Sociology. Together with my Doula training, I find that my education, travels and life experiences have helped me develop a holistic approach in caring for families during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period.

I am happy to support couples in most any birth setting and of any ethnicity, religion, nationality or marital status.

Besides birth and babies, I enjoy hiking, gardening and singing.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.